The University recognizes the importance of participation in University-sponsored activities such as musical and theatrical performances, athletic competition, and debate.  It also recognizes that such participation may result in conflicts with scheduled class times.  It is the responsibility of participating students to provide a full list of anticipated conflicting days to instructors by the end of the first week of the term, and directors and advisors of University activity programs have an obligation to assist students with this task.  Students are responsible for identifying potential absences specific to a particular class and notifying individual instructors of these conflicts, especially for conflicts with scheduled examinations.  Please note that a general schedule for a team or ensemble does not satisfy this notification requirement.  Students should provide instructors with addenda (e.g., end-of-season tournaments, newly scheduled events, or rescheduled events) that result in new conflicts as soon as they are available.  Directors and advisors of University activity programs should consult with participating students prior to registration to help them choose courses that do not have excessive anticipated conflicts.