Location: 8350 N. Tamiami Trail, B116, Sarasota, FL 34243
Telephone: (941)359-4203
Website: usfsm.edu/parking/

USF System Regulation USF4.0010: Parking General Guidelines, Registration, Penalties & Rates

Parking regulations are designed to provide safe and orderly parking and to ensure emergency access to all buildings.  Parking lots are available for use by students, faculty, staff and visitors. Permits are required to park at USFSM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.  Each person may purchase only one automobile permit (an additional permit for a motorcycle may be purchased). A limited number of adhesive permits are available for those with soft-top vehicles and/or special circumstances. USFSM permits may be transferred between same-owner vehicles only.  If you terminate your association with USFSM for any reason, you must return your parking permit to the Parking Services Department located in Room B116 on the USFSM Campus.  The departments’s regular office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday; however, office hours are extended during the first week of the academic term.  Permit prices, campus maps, and a “Guide to Parking at the USFSM Campus” are available on the Parking Services website.

Parking Citations

Violations of USFSM parking regulations may result in the issuance of parking citations and immobilization or towing of the vehicle.  Any vehicle bearing a lost, stolen or altered parking permit is subject to immediate immobilization and/or towing, even if the vehicle bearing the permit is owned by the person who has reported the permit as having been lost or stolen.  The vehicle owner may be subject to possible revocation of campus parking privileges.

Parking citations must either be paid or appealed within 14 calendar days of issuance to avoid incurring late fees.  Any person who receives a parking citation and believes that extraordinary or mitigating circumstances warrant waiver of the fine may petition the Parking Services Department for reconsideration within 14 calendar days of receipt of the citation.  Appeals must be in writing and may be submitted electronically via the USFSM Parking Services website or in person by visiting Parking Services.  The Student Government Association (SGA) Judicial Branch facilitates student parking appeals at USFSM.  Students may choose to have their appeal reviewed by the Parking Services Department or by the SGA Supreme Court.  If an appeal is not filed within 14 calendar days from the date the citation was issued, the right to appeal is forfeited.

Failure to respond to parking citations within 45 calendar days of receipt may result in the account being transferred to a collection agency and the occurrence of additional costs.  Administrative holds may also be placed on a student’s account which will prevent the student from registering for classes and receiving grades and transcripts.


Student permits are required to be purchased for the USF System campus of primary assignment. To be eligible to purchase a USFSM student parking permit, the following conditions must be met:

  • USF System home campus must be designated as USFSM with the Registrar’s Office;
  • Student must live within the USFSM service area (Sarasota, Manatee, DeSoto, Charlotte and Lee Counties);
  • Student must be taking at least 50% of classes at USFSM.

Regular USF Tampa and USF St. Petersburg parking permits are valid at USFSM; however, Park ‘n Ride or special permits from other USF System campuses are not valid on the USFSM campus.  Reciprocity between USF campuses is subject to change each academic year. Parking privileges for the USF Tampa and USF St. Petersburg campuses will be posted on the USFSM Parking Services website.

Visitors Parking Permits

USFSM visitors may park in specially-designated “Visitor Only” parking spaces without a permit; however, they are required to adhere to the posted one (1) hour time limit. USFSM visitors whose university business is expected to exceed the time limitations of visitor parking may secure a free temporary permit from Parking Services, the main rotunda reception desk, or departmental office managers.

A visitor is any person who is not a member of  USFSM or any USF System campus. USFSM students, faculty, staff, vendors, contractors, licensees, Lifelong Learning Academy participants, and those registered for any course on campus do not qualify for visitor parking privileges and may be issued citations for parking in spaces designated as “Visitor Only” parking.