USF System Regulation USF4.010:  Cancellation of Registration for Nonpayment of Tuition and Fees and Returned Checks In Payment of Tuition

Students not on an authorized deferred payment of tuition and fees and who have not paid their tuition and fees in full by the USF System designated payment deadline date will have their registration for the academic term canceled and will be dropped from classes. Students dropped from classes will receive no credit for courses taken during the academic term.

Returned Checks for Registration Tuition and Fees

A student’s current academic term registration may be subject to cancellation if a check or an e-check presented in payment of tuition and fees is returned to the University by the bank for any reason (i.e., insufficient funds, closed account, stop payment, etc.). A $25.00 returned check administrative fee will be assessed to the issuer’s student account or to the account of the student on whose behalf the original check payment was presented.  The returned check and associated fees must be cleared within 10 calendar days to avoid cancellation of registration for the academic term.

Late Registration Fee and Late Payment Fee

Failure to pay registration tuition and fees by USF System designated deadlines may result in cancellation of the student’s registration, which will result in the assessment of a $100.00 late registration fee and a $100.00 late payment fee. If the student’s registration has been canceled for financial reasons, he/she may apply to the Registrar’s Office for reinstatement upon payment of all tuition and fees, including the $100.00 late registration fee and the $100.00 late payment fee.  Application for reinstatement must be made no later than the end of the fourth week of classes for Fall and Spring academic terms.  The reinstatement application deadline for Summer sessions A, B and C is the end of the third week of classes of the session for which registered.  Students who fail to successfully reinstate their registration by the applicable reinstatement deadline must petition the USFSM’s Academic Regulation Committee (ARC) to have their classes reinstated.

Payment of Accounts Due the University

Charges are assessed to student accounts for loss or breakage of USFSM equipment and/or books, for which the fines and other fees are due immediately.  Delinquent accounts may be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of registration. USF System regulations prohibit registration, or release of transcripts, diplomas, or grades for any student whose account with the University is delinquent. Delinquent accounts may be turned over to a collection agency, and all collection costs, including legal fees, will be added to the student’s account balance. Financial aid from a succeeding academic year cannot be used to repay prior academic year debts.