Should a student be accepted into a graduate degree program, no more than 12 hours of USF system credit earned as a non-degree-seeking student may be applied to satisfy graduate degree requirements. All coursework transferred into the graduate program must have a grade of B or better. Any application of such credit must be approved by the degree-granting college and must be appropriate to the program. Prior to completing twelve (12) hours in a specific degree program it is strongly recommended that a non-degree-seeking student apply for admission and be accepted to the degree program to continue taking courses in the program.  Programs may have additional requirements.  Students should check with the program of interest for more information.

Degree-Seeking Students:
Students who have been accepted into a degree program.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students:
Students who have not been accepted into a degree or graduate certificate program. Non-degree-seeking students may enroll and enter classes on a space available basis by obtaining appropriate approval from the degree-granting college or academic unit in which the courses are offered. Non-degree-seeking students must meet all prerequisites for courses in which they wish to enroll. Certain classes are available only to degree-seeking students and may not be available for non-degree-seeking students.