Location: B222
Telephone: 941-359-4323
Website: http://usfsm.edu/tutoring

Learning Support Services provides both face-to-face and online writing consultations and tutoring in select subjects and courses through one-on-one consultations and/or small group sessions with faculty consultants and peer tutors. Tutoring and writing consultations are provided free of charge to all students actively enrolled at USFSM and the North Port Instructional Site.  Currently, tutoring is available in writing, math, statistics, accounting, finance, American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish.

Writing consultants help individual writers think through their work, understand the writing process, and develop strategies for planning, drafting, and revising.  They help writers during all stages of the writing process; however, the goal of writing consultation is to help students learn to revise their own work, concentrating primarily on content, argumentation (thesis or focus), development, organization, and to a lesser extent format (APA, MLA, Chicago Style, etc.).  Although writing consultants can help writers identify and address problems with grammar, punctuation, mechanics, etc., they do not edit, proofread, or “correct” papers.

Peer tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have met rigorous eligibility requirements.  All student tutors are recommended by faculty and are trained to assist their peers to comprehend challenging academic materials.  If you are interested in becoming a student tutor, please contact Learning Support Services.