Campus Security

Location: 8350 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243, SMC B125
Telephone: 941-993-8548

Public Safety is provided by two professional entities; USFSM Security Officers resident on campus, and Campus Police based at New College of Florida.  The Security Officers maintain an office on campus located in room B125.  They are on duty throughout the day Monday through Saturday when the building is open.  The Security Officers are equipped with a Campus Police radio and cell phone as they patrol the building and parking lots.  They provide a myriad of services to the campus community, including CPR/AED. Upon request, they are available to escort you to your vehicle, and they are equipped to provide limited vehicle assistance, such as jump-starts.

Campus security and emergency assistance guidelines, which include general crime prevention tips and important phone numbers, are posted in all classrooms.

Campus Police

Location: 501 College Drive (New College Campus), CPD, Sarasota, FL  34243
Telephone: Main Number: 941-487-4210
Police Dispatcher/Emergency Number: 941-487-4210
Or Dial 911

The Campus Police Department’s mission is to protect you and your property.  The Department serves USFSM, and New College of Florida, where their office is located.  All campus police officers are certified by the State of Florida in accordance with Florida State Statute, Chapter 943. The Campus Police Department provides a full range of public safety services to the campus community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. General services provided include: mobile and foot patrol, criminal investigation of all misdemeanor and felony crimes committed on campus, traffic enforcement, crash investigation, responding to and rendering assistance for all types of emergencies, and crime prevention programs.

The Campus Police Department has an excellent working relationship with all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, ensuring the delivery of professional law enforcement services. The Department has Combined Voluntary Cooperation and Operational Mutual Aid Agreements with all Manatee and Sarasota County law enforcement agencies as well as all State University Police Departments. All agencies are available to assist upon request. Communication and coordination with all agencies are maintained via computer, radio and telephonic communication capabilities.

Emergency Services

Emergency Numbers: Campus Police: 941-487-4210
Counseling & Wellness Center: 941-487-4254
Victim Advocate: 941-504-8599
Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC): 941-365-1976
Bayside Center: 941-917-7760
Or Dial 911

Should a situation occur requiring immediate assistance at a time when a Counseling Center representative is not available to take a call or after regular hours. Assistance may be obtained by contacting Campus Police at (941) 487-4210, by dialing 911, or by visiting the nearest emergency room and requesting the mental health professional on call.  These emergencies may involve suicidal or homicidal crisis, sexual assault or rape, domestic violence, death, serious accident, or thoughts of committing dangerous acts.  The emergency service is not a crisis hotline.  Students who are emotionally distressed and simply need to talk to someone should go to the Counseling Center during regular office hours.

Victim Advocate Program

A Victim Advocate is available to support victims of violence at any time needed. To reach the Victim Advocate, call (941) 504-8599 and follow the instructions. The Victim Advocate will provide information, support and guidance, ensuring the following:

  1. Crisis intervention
  2. Emergency shelter, medical help, and counseling referrals
  3. Assistance as needed

The program is available to assist all students, faculty and staff who have experienced actual or threatened violence, including, but not limited to: battery, assault, stalking, sexual battery (date rape, acquaintance rape, stranger rape), and attempted sexual assault.

Police reports are strongly encouraged; however, reports are not required for information and referral assistance.  Information shared with the Victim Advocate is considered confidential and will go no further without permission from the victim.