The catalog is an outline of the academic offerings and related processes for general reference.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in the Catalog is accurate.  However, the University is a dynamic entity and change may occur during the term between Catalog publications.  Accordingly, students should avail themselves of the most current publications available online including the most current Regulations and Policies and to request any updates to the catalog or related information. Since expected changes may occur during the academic year, the listings, descriptions, course offerings and information on costs in this catalog do not constitute a guarantee on behalf of the University. The University reserves the right to correct clerical and /or typographical errors.


USF Policy #10-059



University of South Florida System (USF System) institutions publish undergraduate and graduate catalogs on each campus. Catalogs are not contracts, but are the source of general information including the USF System, its campuses, community, curricular offerings, degree and admission requirements, academic calendar, and facilities available to students, faculty and staff.


The USF System member institutions reserve the right to change or modify academic
requirements, course information, and curricula as authorized by the USF Board of Trustees, Florida Board of Governors or Florida law. Revisions to catalogs will not alter provisions, terms, fees, or requirements under existing University regulations or policies.

The catalogs are revised each academic year according to each respective institution’s faculty council decisions. The catalogs will be updated without notice as degree programs or curricula changes are approved by the appropriate USF System authority, the Florida Board of Governors or Florida law.

In the event of conflict between any provisions in the catalogs and any USF System regulations or policies, the document most currently revised or adopted by the USF Board of Trustees shall prevail.

A degree-seeking student may choose any USF catalog (of the institution in which they are enrolled) published during his/her continuous enrollment. As degree-seeking students will be enrolled over the course of several terms, the catalogs may change. In the event of a conflict, to the extent possible, the University will make every effort to apply the appropriate catalog that protects the interest of the student. However, in the case of policy and program changes, or issues of accreditation and legislative changes, the most current catalog will be applied, if necessary.

Each Institution will follow its established annual catalog approval process, with final approval residing with the appropriate faculty councils. The councils will operate with established timelines and protocols.


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