Requisite Abbreviations

Abbreviation Term Description
PR Prerequisite Prerequisite courses must be complete prior to enrolling in the next course.
CP Co-prerequisite Co-prerequisite course must be either completed prior to enrolling or completed in the same semester.
CR Co-requisite Co-requisite courses are two courses that must be completed in the same semester.
CI Consent of Instructor
DPR Department/College permit required

Core Curriculum Abbreviations

General Education Requirements
Abbreviation Term
SMCO Communications
SMHU Humanities
SMMA Mathematics
SMNS Natural Sciences
SMSS Social Sciences

Foundations of Success Curriculum
Abbreviation Term
SMFS Foundations of Success

Upper-level Pillars
Abbreviation Term
SMCC Communication & Critical Thinking Pillar
SMCD Community Engagement & Diversity Pillar
SMLE Leadership & Ethics Pillar


Gordon Rule Requirements
Abbreviation Term
6ACO Gordon Rule Communication
6AMO Gordon Rule Computation


2013-14 or earlier General Education Abbreviations

General Education Requirements
Abbreviation Term
AP African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, or Asian Perspectives (ALAMEA)
EC English Composition
FA Fine Arts Perspectives
HP Historical Perspectives
NS Natural Sciences
QM Quantitative Methods
SS Social Sciences

Exit Requirements
Abbreviation Term
LW Literature and Writing
MW Major Works and Major Issues