In order to graduate from USFSM, each degree-seeking student must meet all of the graduation requirements specified in the USFSM catalog of his/her choice. A degree-seeking student may choose any USFSM catalog published during his/her continuous enrollment. Students who have transferred from one Florida public institution to another are affected by the following Department of Education policy:

Graduation requirements in effect at the receiving SUS institution at the time a student enrolls at a Florida public institution of higher learning shall apply to that student in the same manner that graduation requirements apply to its native students provided the student has had continuous enrollment as defined in the SUS institution’s catalog.

At USFSM, “continuous enrollment” is defined as enrolling as a degree-seeking student at least one term each twelve month period. Therefore, students cannot choose a USFSM catalog published prior to or during an academic year in which they did not maintain continuous enrollment. (Each catalog is considered to be published during the academic year printed on the title page.)

If the student cannot meet all of the graduation requirements specified in the catalog of his/her choice due to decisions and changes by the University in policy matter, course offering, etc., appropriate substitutions will be determined by the college dean of the student’s major.

USF System policies are subject to change and apply to all students regardless of their choice of catalog. If the student’s graduation requirements are affected by changes in University policies, appropriate arrangements will be made to preclude penalization of the student.