The GPA is computed by dividing the total number of quality points by the total number of graded (A-F) hours completed. The total quality points are figured by multiplying the number of credits assigned to each course by the quality point value of the grade given.  The GPA is truncated to two decimals (3.48) and is not rounded up.

Credit hours for courses with grades of  I, IU, M, MU, N, S, U, Q and grades which are preceded by T (Transfer) are subtracted from the total hours attempted before the GPA is calculated.  Graduate students are not eligible for grade forgiveness.  All grades earned, regardless of course level, will be posted on the transcript.  If a student retakes a course, both grades will be used in the determination of the GPA.  Courses taken at USF as non-degree-seeking are not computed in the GPA unless the courses are transferred in and applied to the degree requirements.  The program and the college must approve such actions.

Grades for transfer credits accepted toward the degree program will not be counted in the GPA unless the coursework in question was taken as a non-degree-seeking student at a USF System Institution and meets the requirements stated above (see Transfer of Credit section).