In order to graduate, students must meet all requirements specified in the USFSM Catalog of their choice, except as noted below.  As the University is dynamic, changes and updates to the catalog are anticipated.   In contract to program requirements, which are tied to a specific catalog, all students must comply with University policies and procedures that come into effect each catalog year.

  • Students cannot choose a USFSM catalog published prior to admission (or readmission) or during an academic year in which they did not complete at least two terms. If a student is dropped from the system and must be reinstated, the student’s choice of catalog is limited to the USFSM catalog in effect at the time of readmission or any one catalog published during their continuous re-enrollment.
  • If state law or certification requirements change, the student must comply with the most current standard or criteria.
  • If the College makes fundamental changes to the program that necessitates changes in the degree requirements of enrolled students, the needs of those students will be explicitly addressed in the proposal for change and scrutinized by the Regional Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs.
  • USF System  policies and procedures not related to degree requirements such as academic grievance procedures, student conduct code and other procedural processes and definitions may be updated each year and the student will be held to the most current catalog and procedures available.
  • USFSM does not commit itself to offer all the courses, programs, and majors listed in this catalog. If the student cannot meet all of the graduation requirements specified in the catalog of choice as a result of decisions and changes made by the University, appropriate substitutions will be determined by the program to ensure that the student is not penalized.