In the event that a student nears the end of the time limitation as specified below, but the student needs more time to complete the degree, the student may submit a request for an extension using the Time Limit Extension Request Form. The requests must include the following:

  • the reasons for the delay in completion,
  • the anticipated time needed for completion,
  • and endorsements from the graduate faculty advisor, College Dean or designee,
  • a detailed plan of study and timeline for the remaining requirements for the degree

Note – for the time limit extension procedures, if the time limit extension will cause courses taken or transferred into the program to be older than 7 years, then a request for course concurrency may be required or the courses may be invalidated toward the degree requirements, per the time limit policy.

If approved, the time limit extension also applies to courses applied toward the degree.  However, programs may require additional or repeat coursework as part of the condition of the time limit extension. Students who exceed the time limitations may have their registration placed on hold until a request for extension has been approved.  Only one time limit extension request is permitted.  Students who are temporarily unable to continue the program should submit a Leave of Absence Request, which extends the time limit for the duration of the approved leave (see the section on Leaves of Absence in the Enrollment Requirements section.)