The Post-Master’s Certificate in Educational Leadership (EDLD) is for those persons with an earned master’s degree in a field other than educational leadership and who wish to add educational leadership to their Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate.  The modified program is a non-degree program consisting of approximately 30-33 hours of coursework that meets Florida Principal Leadership Standards for K-12 schools in instructional leadership, operational leadership and school leadership. Successful completion fulfills program and core curriculum requirements for Florida certification in Level I K-12 Educational Leadership – Administrative Class.  The number of courses required will vary, depending upon the student’s master’s degree coursework.

Admission Requirements

  • A Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Official (original & sealed) Master’s and Bachelor’s transcripts.  (Degrees earned from USF do not require transcripts.)
  • A valid Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate (please provide a copy clearly showing border and seal).
  • Proof of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) training (3 hour course or 60 hours of district in-service education)
  • Three letters of professional recommendation
  • A letter of intent (brief statement outlining experience and goals).
  • Evidence of teaching under a full‐time contract for a minimum of two years.

Certificate Requirements

Within the minimum total of 30-33 hours, students completing the Post-Master’s Certificate are required to complete an ESOL training requirement.  If you have not completed a 3-credit-hour course in ESOL or do not have documentation of the completion of sixty (60) hours of ESOL district in-service education, you will be required to complete TSL 5085.  You should include documentation with your application if the requirement has already been met. In addition to coursework, successful completion of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE) is required for certificate completion.

Upon successful completion of the necessary courses, all tests notation is placed on the student’s transcript indicating completion of a Post-Master’s Certificate in Educational Leadership; however, the student must apply to the FLDOE for state certification. 


Please see the Educational Leadership M.Ed. course listing. The number of courses required will vary depending upon the student’s master’s degree coursework, but at least 18 credit hours must be taken at USFSM.  Applicants wanting consideration of previous Master’s coursework must supply a university catalog course description for each course they want reviewed and indicate which USF course may be comparable.

Note:  Previous coursework cannot be older than 5 years at the time the student completes the Post-Master’s Certificate in Educational Leadership. The faculty program coordinator will evaluate coursework to determine acceptability and applicants will be provided with a list of recommended courses for completion of the Post-Master’s Certificate. Please be advised that certificate and/or course requirements are subject to change, per state legislative mandates, Florida State Department of Education program approval standards, and accreditation criteria.

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