Degree Type: M.S.
CIP Code 52.0901
Major Code HMA
Department Code DEA
Minimum Total Hours 36
Degree Website

Program Information

The Master of Science in Hospitality Management is a 36-credit hour program offered through USFSM’s CHTL. The program will educate students to use strategic development techniques in a variety of private, public and institutional sectors of hospitality environments. Graduates of this program will go on to play a vital role in addressing the changes and challenges in the hospitality industry within our region, state, nation and world. An effective hospitality leader must possess a wide range of strategic and conceptual skills. Our program is designed to foster strong analytical skills, technological abilities, effective communication and strong logical ethical approaches to the hospitality industry and academia. Case studies, experiential learning, research projects, and presentations are utilized, along with the more traditional lecture-discussion approach.

Students graduating with this degree will be attractive to corporate offices of hospitality businesses where they will focus on strategic decision-making in the development of hospitality models in the areas of organizational effectiveness, finance, marketing, technology of hospitality ventures and the expanded use of the Internet to improve and expand customer service. Upon graduation, some students may continue their education and pursue a Ph.D. degree.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The curriculum for the Hospitality Management Program develops the ability to do the following:

  • Strategic Management: Ability to apply analytical and interpretive skills using strategic management principles and practices in a hospitality and tourism business setting.
  • Marketing: Ability to apply advanced marketing strategies and tactics for developing sustainable competitive advantage in the hospitality industry such as strategic pricing, revenue management, customer loyalty programs, and proven communication mixes.
  • Finance: Ability to apply financial management concepts in the hospitality industry.
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Practical application of organizational effectiveness methodologies in the hospitality industry.
  • Information Systems and Technology: Ability to manage information systems and technology within the hospitality industry.
  • Research Methods: Ability to apply the appropriate statistical procedures and research methodologies within the hospitality industry.
  • Communication: Oral and written communication competencies that support and enhance managerial effectiveness.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited university in hospitality or related field.
  • Plus one of the following:
    • 3.0 (out of 4.0 scale) or higher overall or upper division (last 60 hours) GPA in the baccalaureate degree. OR
    • A satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) OR (GMAT) Graduate Management Admissions Test.

Applications must include the following:

  • $30.00 application fee. This fee is required of all applicants including USF System graduates.
  • GRE or GMAT test scores taken within the last 5 years if GPA (overall or upper division) is less than 3.0 (out of 4.0 scale). You may submit your application without your GRE/GMAT scores, but please include the date you plan to take the test.
  • A current resume with employer references which includes at least one of the following: one year of full-time experience in a management capacity in the hospitality industry or in a related industry, a minimum of one year of full-time teaching experience in a hospitality management program, or three years of consecutive full-time entry level experience in hospitality or in a related industry.
  • A brief essay of approximately 1000 words describing
    • The applicant’s background
    • Future career goals
    • Reasons for pursuing a graduate degree
    • How a USFSM MS degree can help the candidate reach their career goals.
    • Three letters of recommendation: at least one from a college faculty member and the others may be from a former employer or a person able to evaluate the applicant’s potential for success in a graduate degree program.

International Students

  • TOEFL score of at least 550, 213 on the computer based test, 79 on the Internet based test OR A score of at least 6.5 on IELTS.
  • One (1) official transcript from all institutions of higher learning where the applicant has earned a degree. It is not necessary to send USF transcripts. (All foreign transcripts require a course by course evaluation from an approved foreign transcript evaluation service.)
  • Foreign Transcript Evaluation Services website

Requirements (Total minimum Hours 36)

Required Core Courses (18 credit hours)

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes
HMG 6477 Financial Management for the Hospitality Industry 3 None
HMG 6296 Strategic Management and Competitive Strategy for Hospitality and Tourism 3 HMG 6246 (Waiver may be approved by the college dean)
HMG 6596 Marketing Leadership for Hospitality and Tourism 3 None
HMG 6246 Organizational Effectiveness for Hospitality 3 None
HMG 6507 Hospitality and Tourism Information Systems and Technology 3 None
HMG 6586 Research Methods for Hospitality and Tourism 3 None

Required Statistics course (3 credit hours)

For students pursuing the Master’s Thesis option, a graduate level statistics course must be taken.

For students pursuing the Master’s Professional Project, students have the option of taking a graduate statistics course OR one additional required HFT graduate elective course.

Student must meet with the graduate advisor to discuss which option they prefer in order to take the appropriate courses.

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes
TBD Statistics 3 TBD
HMG 6XXX Graduate elective course 3 None

Approved Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Student must choose courses with the graduate advisor.

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes
HMG 6259 Graduate Seminar in Lodging Management 3 None
HMG 6267 Graduate Seminar in Restaurant and Foodservice Management 3 None
HMG 6335 Graduate Seminar in Club Management 3 None
HMG 6756 Graduate Seminar in Convention and Exhibition Management 3 None
HMG 6257 Graduate Seminar in Hospitality Management 3 None
HMG 6938 Special Topics in Hospitality 3 None
The following two courses are only offered to students with approval from the Dean of the College:
HMG 6908 Independent Study 1-6 None
HMG 6946 Graduate Internship 1-6 None

Research Thesis or Professional Project Option Courses

One course required (6 credit hours)

Student must consult with graduate advisor to choose their master’s option during their first year.

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes
HMG 6972 Master’s Thesis 6  Must Complete all MS in Hospitality Courses
HMG 6916 Master’s Professional Project 1-6  Must Complete all MS in Hospitality Courses