The first time an undergraduate student’s USFSM GPA falls below a cumulative 2.00, the student will be placed on Academic Probation (AP).  From the beginning of academic probation, the student must maintain at least a 2.00 GPA each term, and may not totally withdraw from any semester without cause.

Any student who withdraws from all classes after the fifth day of classes while on Academic Probation will be academically dismissed.  Once on academic probation, academic advising prior to registration is mandatory each semester until the student is removed from probationary status.  The student may remain on Academic Probation indefinitely as long as the student maintains a GPA of 2.00 or greater each semester. If at any time while on academic probation, the student’s semester GPA falls below a 2.00, the student will be academically dismissed from the university. Once academically dismissed, a student may only return to USFSM under the University’s Academic Renewal Policy.  If academically dismissed from USFSM a student may not return to USFSM as a non-degree-seeking student.

The determination and notification of probationary status or academic dismissal will be made by the Registrar’s Office on the student’s semester grade report and academic record. A student who attends another college or university following academic dismissal will be classified as a former student returning and readmission will be based on the total record accumulated from all colleges and universities attended.

If a student is academically dismissed or falls below a 2.00 GPA from USFSM and subsequently receives a BA/BS from another four-year institution, that student, when accepted to the University with the post-baccalaureate status, will have his/her academic record cleared.