The University’s Academic Renewal policy allows students previously dismissed from the university or former students returning with a USF GPA below 2.00, to renew their pursuit of baccalaureate degrees without the responsibility of having to overcome the entire burden of low grades and low grade point averages. To facilitate this opportunity, students who qualify for Academic Renewal may, with the approval of the ARC, have portions of their academic record excluded from calculation of their grade point averages (GPAs). The entire academic record, however, will continue to be reflected on their transcripts even though a selected portion will not be counted in their GPAs. Students approved for Academic Renewal are admitted with the same terms of academic probation and dismissal as other undergraduate students. Academic Renewal will only be applied to a student’s academic record one time at USFSM.

Academic Renewal I (ARI)

Students who have been academically dismissed may petition the ARC to return to the University under ARI. A student may be re-admitted to USFSM under ARI, after completing all requirements for the Associate of Arts degree or equivalent (including general education and Gordon Rule requirements) at a two-year or four-year college. ARI students will enter USFSM as juniors and their USFSM grade point average will be calculated from that point forward. While ARI is best utilized by students who have earned less than 60 credit hours it is not restricted to those students.  Students with more than 60 credit hours returning to USFSM under ARI will likely incur excess hours and associated monetary penalty.  In order to graduate following re-admission under ARI, all degree requirements must be met and a minimum of 30 credit hours must be taken in residence at USFSM.  Students who are admitted under ARI may be excluded from admission to limited-access programs and will not be considered for University Honors at graduation unless they meet the criteria using all grades earned.

Academic Renewal II (ARII)

ARII is available to students who were academically dismissed and have 60 or more earned credits from the USF System or other institutions of higher education.   These students may be re-admitted to USFSM under ARII, if they are able to provide convincing evidence indicating they are likely to be successful. Generally, such students will have been engaged in successful non-academic activities such as work or military service for at least one year, or will have demonstrated recent academic success defined minimally as the completion of at least 12 semester hours of GPA greater than or equal to 2.00, zero (0) grades below “C” and no course withdrawals. In order to be considered for re-admission under ARII, the student must submit a request to the ARC, who will,  in consultation with the college, make the final decision regarding readmission.  Following readmission under ARII, the student will have their prior USFSM GPA set to 2.00.  In order to graduate students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 and at least 30 USFSM credit hours with grades of C or higher, including a minimum of 15 USFSM credits earned following readmission under ARII.

Students readmitted under ARII may be excluded from admission to limited access programs.  Further, students who exercise the ARII policy will not be considered for University Honors at graduation unless they meet the criteria with all grades earned.