USF System Regulation

USF3.007 Degree Requirements: Baccalaureate/Undergraduate

Any credits transferred from a USF System Institution must be processed as transfer credits from any regionally-accredited institution.

Registration and successful completion of at least thirty (30) of the last sixty (60) semester hours at the USF System Institution (home institution) from which the degree is to be conferred. In cases of emergency, a maximum of six (6) hours of the final thirty (30) semester hours may be completed by correspondence or residence at another accredited senior institution with the approval of the academic dean. Exceptions to the home institution rules in this paragraph may be made for students who are enrolled at other universities in USF-approved exchanges, study abroad programs, co-op training programs or correspondence courses from the University of Florida. CLEP credit does not count toward academic residence;

Beginning fall semester 2012, must complete successfully at least 50% of the required courses in the major in courses offered by the USF System Institution conferring the degree. In cases of hardship or lack of course availability, individual exceptions may be approved by the respective College Deans or designees to help ensure timely graduation.