A student who feels they have already acquired the basic content of a course on their approved schedule should inquire about credit-by-examination. Some exams are offered through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and others may be offered within colleges. Interested students should obtain additional information from their advisors or Testing Services.

Credit earned through one examination program may not be duplicated by another examination or course. The following limitations should be recognized:

  1. CLEP credit will not satisfy USFSM’s residency requirement.
  2. Credit for the General Natural Science examination will be granted for non-majors only.

Certain General and Subject CLEP Examinations may be found at http://www.uc.usf.edu/testing/ and may apply to the General Education Requirements. Some programs do not award credit toward the degree for certain CLEP examinations, and certain graduate or professional schools such as law, medicine and engineering may not grant equal recognition to students with extensive examination credits. An academic advisor should be consulted to ascertain the applicability of a specific CLEP examination toward a student’s degree requirements and the advisability of taking the examinations in a student’s specific situation.

USF System Policy 10-017 Credit by Examination

I. INTRODUCTION (Purpose and Intent)

In order to provide greater flexibility and opportunity for students to shorten the time required to obtain a baccalaureate degree, the University of South Florida System (USF System) grants credit-by-examination equivalencies for the following acceleration mechanisms: Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced International Certificate of Education Program (AICE), International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES/DSST and Excelsior College exams.


The University of South Florida System awards credit-by-examination based on the minimum guidelines as established by the Articulation Coordinating Committee (ACC) available on the flvc.org website, pursuant to Florida Statute 1007.27(2), and approved by the State Board of Education and Board of Governors.

Effective fall 2009, a maximum of 45 credit hours in any combination of the examinations provided by the Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced International Certificate of Education Program (AICE), International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES/DSST and Excelsior College exams will be accepted by the USF System. Course equivalencies for credit-by-exam are posted on the Undergraduate Studies website. Students who enter the USF System with more than 45 credit hours of examinations completed will work with an appropriate academic advisor to determine the most advantageous selection of the credits to be applied. Any requests for an exception to the 45 hour rule must be submitted to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies within 30 days of first attendance.

Credit earned through these examination programs also applies toward satisfaction of the 9 credit hour Summer Attendance Requirement but only if the student enters the USF System with 9 or more credit hours from all acceleration programs combined (i.e. the listed examination programs plus Dual Credit).

The University of South Florida System will accept credit-by-examination included on transcripts from all accredited colleges, provided the scores earned are at or above the minimums as stated by the ACC.

Regional campuses and separately accredited institutions may have unique characteristics. Students, faculty and staff must check with their individual campuses and apply policies in conjunction and consistent with the specific characteristics, guidelines or procedures applicable to those campuses.