It is advantageous for students to make early decisions about their majors to be on-track toward their degrees and to graduate in a timely manner. Students are urged to declare a major upon entry to the university. If they are unable to formally choose or declare a major or a pre-major, they should meet with an academic advisor or career counselor to determine a program that best matches their interests.

FTIC (First Time In College) students must be officially declared in a major or a pre-major before they register for more than 36 credits, including credit earned via Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or Dual Enrollment coursework. Students will not be allowed to register for further credit coursework at USFSM until they have declared a major or pre-major.

Transfer students should declare their majors upon entry to USFSM. Transfer students who have not declared a major (or pre-major) and who have completed 75 or more credits of college coursework will not be allowed to register for further credit coursework at the university until they have declared a major or a pre-major. Students transferring in 75 or more credits will be required to declare a major (or pre-major) at the time of admission.

Many resources are made available by the university to assist students in making career decisions and choosing their majors. Information about these resources is readily available from academic advisors or the Career Center.

Change of Major

All students desiring to change their major should consult the Advising Office in SMC-C107.