In order to graduate, a student must submit a graduation application for the bachelor’s degree. The graduation application for the bachelor’s degree is available online in OASIS.  Inquiries concerning approval or denial of graduation should be made to the appropriate academic advisor.

This application must be submitted in the term of expected graduation by the deadline noted in the academic calendar.  This allows time for ordering academic regalia for participation in the graduation ceremony, certification of graduation by the end of the term, inclusion of name in the graduation bulletin, and timely ordering of the diploma.

Students who submit the graduation application after the posted deadline but prior to the last day of classes for the academic term, and who are determined to have met all graduation requirements in that semester, may have their graduation posted that term. Late student applications may not be processed before the next term’s registration period if they have not met all degree requirements.

Applications received after the last day of classes will result in the graduation being posted at the end of the following academic term. If a student applies for graduation and is not approved, a new application for degree must be submitted by the deadline in a new term. In order for the degree statement to appear on a student’s academic record, the student must file the aforementioned application whether or not participation in the commencement ceremony is desired.

It is the student’s responsibility to clear all “I” grades (in-completes) in courses required for graduation and to provide official transcripts of all transferred coursework needed for graduation at least 3 weeks prior to the end of the term in which he/she expects to graduate.

A student applying for a second undergraduate major must do so within the same deadline set for applying for a degree.

Students applying for a minor must complete the following:

  1. Apply for the minor online in OASIS; and  the minor and college responsible for the minor on the application; and
  2. Have no “I” grade in required courses.

For purposes of honors recognition at the ceremony, students must have a 3.50 GPA before the term in which they plan to graduate to have honors recognized publicly at the commencement ceremony.

Although applications will be accepted until the last day of classes for the semester of graduation, students applying late will jeopardize their chances of having met all requirements and be denied graduation as a result.