This policy has been put into effect so that USFSM may effectively utilize classroom space and to insure that all students have maximum opportunity to enroll in classes where demand exceeds availability of seats.

Students are required to attend the first class meeting of undergraduate courses for which they registered prior to the first day of the term. Names of students who register prior to the first day of the term are shown on the first class roll in Canvas for each course section. The first day class roll is used by professors to drop students who do not attend the first day of class. Students having extenuating circumstances beyond their control and who are unable to attend the first class meeting must notify the instructor or the college prior to the first class meeting to request waiver of the first class attendance requirement. Please note that the Registrar’s Office does not add students to any courses.  Students are required to add their courses via OASIS. To avoid fee liability and academic penalty, the student is responsible for ensuring that they have dropped or been dropped from all undesired courses by the end of the 5th day of classes.  Refer to USF System Policy 10-006.