Location: SMC C107
Telephone: 941-359-4330
Website: usfsm.edu/admissions/

USF System Regulation USF3.018 Admission to Baccalaureate Programs of University of South Florida System Institutions

USFSM Office of Admissions assists prospective students with learning about the opportunities available to them at the University. The office is responsible for processing applications for admission for undergraduate, former students returning, and reviews transfer credit completed at other regionally-accredited institutions for determination of transferability.

Admission to USFSM requires evidence of ability to handle academic work, capacity to think creatively, and strong motivation. The minimum admission requirements are designed to help identify applicants whose academic background indicates potential for success at USFSM; however, satisfaction of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance. The admission of new students at all levels is on a selective basis within curricular, space, and fiscal limitations. The selection process may include such factors as grades, test scores, pattern of courses completed, class rank, educational objectives, past conduct, school recommendations, personal recommendations, and portfolios. Preference for admission in any term will be given to those applicants whose credentials indicate the greatest promise of academic success. The University encourages applications from qualified applicants of both sexes and from all cultural, racial, religious, ethnic, and age groups.

Requests for waiver of the $30.00 application fee are considered by the Director of Admissions if payment of this fee creates severe financial hardship and serves as a deterrent to application.

Students are admitted to USF Sarasota-Manatee in accordance with the mission and goals of the University and within enrollment limitations established by the Department of Education and the Florida Legislature.  Contact the Office of Admissions for more information regarding freshman admissions.

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