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The vision of the College of Education (COE) is to lead in transforming the educational endeavors of our region and to be recognized nationally for excellence in our work. Our programs include faculty members, who conduct research to contribute to the knowledge bases of the disciplines of education, working alongside associated school administrators and faculty who are experienced practitioners working in K-12 schools. We admit applicants who are highly qualified, developed in their abilities to ensure that all pupils learn, committed to continuous improvement of their own praxis, and prepared to assume leadership roles in the school settings in which they will work.


The COE’s mission, contributing to the mission of USFSM, is to prepare effective educators who will learn, lead, inspire, and transform their schools and communities. We see the process of learn, lead, inspire and transform as recursive and not linear. We learn to lead, and by leading inspire transformation. We learn from transforming and thus create a cycle of continuous learning and improvement. Our mission guides the USFSM COE to prepare educators poised to positively impact the lives of pupils and their communities, locally, nationally, and globally. We meet our mission through programs grounded in researched practices and critical perspectives and professional clinical experiences designed and led by university and associated school faculty through partnerships with a network of local schools. Our partnerships form a solid basis for program assessment based on outcomes, revision of the curriculum based on impact data, and the identification of specific knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are crucial for educator success.


Our goals led to the development of seven college-wide candidate proficiencies, which we use as benchmarks for evaluating our success. Specific program proficiencies for candidates who are seeking state certification are delineated in standards prescribed by the State of Florida.  These state standards differ among programs and are related to areas of specialization; however, we have identified five goals and seven related, overarching candidate proficiencies expected of each program completer in the COE:

  1. Content Knowledge
    • Candidates demonstrate depth and breadth of content knowledge for their respective roles.
  2. Reflective and Ethical Practice
    • Candidates engage in reflective and ethical practice as educators.
  3. Evaluation and Decision Making
    • Candidates make professional educational decisions drawing on analysis of data and research from a variety of sources
  4. Educational Design
    • Candidates design educational experiences that result in sucessful learning.
    • Candidates demonstrate proficiency in educational technology aligned to the NETS-T standards.
  5. Learner as an Individual in the Community
    • Candidates construct learning environments that reflect the diversity of experiences, perspectives, and cultures of their students and the larger world.
    • Candidates communicate in ways that demonstrate fairness, respect, and sensitivity to diversity, setting high academic expectations for all students

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