The COE is a limited access program.  Students who wish to teach in a particular subject area or field should begin preliminary coursework during their first year in college.

Students may apply for entrance into the upper-level educator preparation program offered by the COE after completing prerequisite courses. The COE requires an additional application process ordinarily at new student orientation.

The COE may accept professional education and specialization coursework completed at USFSM or at other accredited institutions as follows:

  1. Courses completed within the last five years may be accepted.
  2. Courses completed over five years but less than ten years ago must have the approval of the Dean from the College.
  3. Courses completed ten years ago or longer will count as elective credit only.

Admission to an upper-level educator preparation program is contingent upon meeting the following preliminary college requirements:

  1. Completion of a COE application form.  The admission process to the COE is separate and in addition to admission to USFSM. Education majors must meet with an academic advisor to apply for admission into the college. During the New Student Orientation, students receive information about their degree program and register for courses for their first semester.
  2. Completion of General Education requirements.
  3. Completion of all portions of the General Knowledge Test with passing scores. No exemptions or waivers are acceptable.
  4. An overall minimum GPA of 2.50 on all attempted hours.
  5. Completion of State-Mandated Common Prerequisites.
  6. Completion of a minimum of 6 semester hours with an international or diversity focus is required.
  7. Additional criteria as may be established by the college. Credit requirements in the major include courses in the following categories: Professional Education Core, Teaching Specialization Preparation, and Exit Requirements.
  8. A subscription to TaskStream is required for students in the COE.

International Students

If your program requires a field experience or internship through the COE, you will need to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to complete the requirements for several courses. Obtaining the SSN is the responsibility of the student.