The COE is responsible for ensuring that its students (hereinafter referred to as “candidates”) exhibit the knowledge, skills and dispositions outlined in the conceptual framework, institutional, state, and national standards, including a commitment to fairness and the belief that all students can learn. Further, as educators our candidates must exhibit the highest ethical standards in their role as moral exemplars in the community.

There are occasionally patterns of observed behaviors that could give rise to a concern that a candidate’s dispositions and professional deportment are not sufficiently developed or are even inconsistent with those expected of a professional educator. Both the COE administration and the candidate will be made aware of concerns that a candidate is not meeting the standard of knowledge, skills, or dispositions that are expected by the college and specifically outlined in institutional, state, or national standards. This awareness will be communicated in a manner that is sufficiently formative and allows the candidate to reflect, consider alternatives, and attempt to make any changes necessary consistent with fulfilling their professional career aspirations. The process should be sensitive, transparent, and effective.

There are provisions so that the faculty and supervisors who work with the candidate in subsequent semesters are aware of the concerns and the plans developed to address those concerns. There will always be more than one representative of the faculty who agrees that the concerns warrant intervention. This shall be an internal process managed by a small committee of faculty, referred to as the Pre-completion Educator Professional Support Committee (PEPSC). The knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions of concern and plans of action are documented in the committee’s files, but do not ordinarily become part of the candidate’s academic file. This process in the COE is complementary to processes already in place in the university (such as those in student affairs, academic probation, etc.) and will focus on the professional preparation of the candidate