A minor in Psychology (PSYM) consists of a minimum of 6 courses (19 credits)
The following three required courses (10 credits) plus any three upper-level psychology courses, except PSY 4913, with the following prefixes: PSY, PPE, PSB, INP, SOP, DEP, EXP, CLP (9 credits) Statistics and Research Methods are prerequisites for all electives:

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes
PSY 2012 Introduction of Psychological Science 3 None
PSY 3204 Psychological Statistics 3 PSY 2012
STA 2122 Social Science Statistics None
PSY 3213 Research Methods in Psychology 4 PSY 3204 or STA 2023 or STA 2122 or QMB 2100, with a grade of C or better Should be taken before upper-level electives; may be taken after or with Statistics