Unless otherwise stipulated below, students in CAS majors must meet all graduation requirements of USFSM. In addition, CAS majors must meet the following requirements of the college.

  1. Only courses earning credit at or above the minimum grade requirement are credited toward the degree.  Any course in which the grade earned is below the program requirement must be retaken; however, the original grade will still affect the GPA unless it is retaken under the grade-forgiveness allowance.
  2. Students may use only one directed-study/-research/-readings course (for a maximum of 4 credits) for elective credit in the major; additional directed-study credit may be applied to hours outside the major.  Directed-study/-research/-readings courses require a professor’s permission and the dean’s approval.
  3. No S/U credit can be applied to the major, unless S/U is the only grading option.  A maximum of 20 S/U credits are allowed.  Requests for S/U grading must be approved by the professor and submitted to the dean by the end of week three of the term. All work for S/U credit is graded.
  4. Students should take all “core” courses in the major at USFSM unless they have been accepted as transfer credit upon admittance.
  5. Students are encouraged to use credits outside the major to pursue a minor that will be recorded on the transcript. In most cases, minors are composed of 5-6 courses (15-18 credits).