The Honors Program at USFSM is a 9-credit sequence that culminates in an undergraduate thesis.   The honors seminar (IDH 4000) and the directed-readings and research course (IDH 4950) develop the ability to pursue independent research.  Through the mentored experience of writing an undergraduate thesis and discussing it in an academic presentation, honors students have the opportunity to present original arguments with scholarly authority and integrity. Satisfactory completion of the Honors Program is noted on the diploma and the transcript, as well as on a certificate.


  • The Honors Program is open to all students at USFSM.
  • Applications are accepted every fall for cohorts that begin each spring.
  • Students must earn a B (not B-) in each IDH course to progress through the sequence.
  • The three courses of the Honors sequence must be taken consecutively.
  • To progress in the Honors Program, students must meet the performance expectations and deadlines specified in each course syllabus.

Certificate Program of Study

Three credit-bearing courses (9 credits)

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes
IDH 4000 Honors Seminar 3 IDH 2010 Spring semesters
IDH 4950 Honors Project 3 None Summer C semesters
IDH 4970 Honors Thesis 3 Senior Honors Standing Fall semesters