The minor in General Business (GBAM) is not available to Accounting, Finance, General Business, Management, and Marketing majors.

A grade point average of 2.00 or better must be achieved in the minor coursework and in all minor courses completed at other institutions.  Students are required to earn a “C” or higher in General Business courses that are counted toward the minor requirements.

At least 12 hours of the required 18 credit hours must be taken in residence at USFSM.

Requirements (18 credit hours)

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes
ACG 3074 Managerial Accounting (for non-business majors) 3  None ACG 2021 and ACG 2071 can be substituted
ECO 1000 Basic Economics 3  None ECO 2013 and ECO 2023 can be substituted
FIN 3403 Principles of Finance 3 ACG 2071, ECO 2013, and ECO 2023
MAN 3025 Principles of Management 3  None
MAR 3023 Basic Marketing 3  None
MAN 4802 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management 3 ACG 2021, ACG 2071, and MAR 3023