The College of Business is an upper-level, limited access college, with the exception of Information Technology majors (see below).  This means that Accounting, Finance, General Business, Management, and Marketing majors have admission requirements in addition to those of the USFSM.

  1. Minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit earned.
  2. Minimum of 2.75 overall GPA on all college-level work and a minimum of 2.00 on all credit attempted at USF, including any prior to academic renewal.
  3. In computing entry grade point average all business and economics courses taken for S or U grades will be converted to C or F, respectively.
  4. Students who have been dismissed from the University for academic reasons will not be readmitted to the College of Business.

Transfer credits will be accepted from regionally-accredited institutions; however, all hours earned may not be applied toward USFSM business degree requirements. Individual courses will be evaluated by an academic advisor and appropriately credited toward requirements in the student’s program at USFSM. Florida public institution students enrolled in an Associate in Arts (A.A.) program should normally complete the general education requirements and the State-Mandated Common Prerequisites at the lower-level.

As a rule, students transferring with an A.A. degree should avoid taking any business courses at the Florida College System institution that are listed as 3000 and 4000 level courses at USFSM.

Normally, courses in finance, marketing, management, and accounting, as well as other business administration and economics courses, taken at the lower division level that are offered as upper division courses at USFSM will not be accepted for upper division credit in business administration or economics.

In general, business courses taken at the lower level, at technical schools, or as part of professional or military training, are not applicable to the degree programs of the College of Business. Exceptions to this policy will be made only upon proper validation of such courses. Validation consists of successfully completing specified advanced courses in the discipline.

 B.S. in Information Technology Admission Requirements

Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is open to all students who have been accepted to the USFSM and declare the major in one of its disciplines. Students who have credits from other institutions may need to provide copies of course descriptions from the catalog for purposes of determining credit towards the major requirements at USFSM.

B.S.A.S. in Information Technology Admission Requirements

Students majoring in BSAS must meet all degree requirements of USFSM. This degree program is available ONLY to AS graduates from Florida public institutions who have an overall “C” average (2.00) in all college-level courses accepted for transfer credit to USFSM.