Location SMC-A319
Advising Student Services, SMC-C107, (941) 359-4330


The College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership (CHTL) at USFSM provides an intellectual, collaborative, ethical, inclusive learning environment for students pursuing leadership positions in hospitality management and graduate leaders to serve citizens of Florida, the U.S., and the world.

The Bachelors of Science degree in Hospitality Management has a general business foundation with specialized hotel and restaurant management courses that equip students to approach problem solving in a disciplined and systematic manner.  Skill and employability standards have been merged with challenging thinking and problem-solving skills.  USFSM graduates are highly marketable and competitive at all levels – regional, national, and global.  CHTL offers several majors. minors, and certificates.

The Hospitality Management program utilizes an Advisory Board which is composed of leaders from major hospitality related corporations and organizations.  Periodic reviews of course curriculum and enhancements prepare students for future career challenges.

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