The Certificate in Hotel Management (HOTEL) will enhance the student’s professional knowledge.  It was created for those who want to change careers to the hospitality industry and/or gain some pertinent knowledge of the field before entering the industry. The certificate will create opportunities for advanced education for industry professionals without the need for full degree requirements. The student must complete the five required courses (15 credit hours).  The certificate will be issued when a student has earned at least a 2.0 GPA and receive no less than a grade of “C-“ in any of the five classes in their concentrated certificate program. The certificate can be completed in one (1)  full year if the student takes all courses available each semester.

Required Courses

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes
HFT 3003 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 3 None
HFT 4221 Human Resources Management 3 HFT 3003
HFT 3503 Hospitality Marketing and Sales 3 HFT 3003
HFT 3603 Hospitality Industry Law & Leadership Ethics 3 None
HFT 4253 Lodging Management 3 HFT 3003

The prerequisites for the above certificate courses will be waived for students pursuing the certificate program. Students should understand that by waiving the prerequisites, it does not relieve them of the responsibility for the pre-course knowledge to succeed in their class. Students will sign up as a non-degree-seeking student and permit request forms will need to be filled out when enrolling for classes. See the USFSM website for course descriptions, registration forms, dates, deadlines, and permit requests.