The two Foundations of Success courses emphasize all six Pillars of Intellectual Engagement through discussion and reflective writing as they develop the skills needed for academic and professional success.  Each Foundations of Success course includes projects that develop and assess the following outcomes:

  1. Community Engagement: Students will provide evidence of community engagement and discuss their civic identity.
  2. Leadership: Students will exemplify effective and authentic leadership through planning, achieving goals, collaboration, and influential communication.     

Students take the Foundations of Success courses as part of their first 60 credits, along with the General Education curriculum.  Students take SLS 1107 Foundations of University Success (1 credit) during their first semester at USFSM.  After achieving 42 credits, students take SLS 2122  Foundations of Professional Success (2 credits).

  • Students who are first-time-in-college (FTIC) and transfer students with fewer than 30 credits are required to take both Foundations of Success courses.
  • Students who enter the university with 30-59 credits may take both courses, but are only required to take Foundations of Professional Success.
  • Students who enter the university with 60 credits or more may take either or both courses, but are not required to do so.
Course Number Title Credits
SLS 1107 Foundations of University Success 1
SLS 2122 Foundations of Professional Success 2