USF System Policy 10-035: Mandatory Orientation for New Undergraduate Students

Freshman Orientation

What is New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is an annual program consisting of interactive, engaging presentations and activities intended to help acclimate all first-year students to their new campus community. The program is required for all incoming first-year students as a means of transition and preparation for success in the USFSM community.

Why is New Student Orientation important?

Studies reveal that by increasing the amount of time first-year students have to become familiar with their respective institution, the greater the likelihood they will stay throughout their first year of college. Furthermore, students who actively participate in orientation programs along with other first-year transitional programs are more likely to stay in college, are more satisfied with their overall college experience, have greater academic success, and persist through graduation.

What are the BENEFITS of participating in the New Student Orientation?

Through the active participation of all first-year students, New Student Orientation:

• forms friendships that will last a lifetime

• affords opportunities for students to become familiar with the resources available to them at USFSM while establishing greater familiarity with campus building and grounds

• develops a greater understanding in regards to the interconnected nature of the physical, social/emotional, and environmental aspects of one’s self, others, and campus community

• provides students with useful insights regarding academic, social, and personal challenges

• clarifies expectations related to college life

• creates a strong foundation from which every student is able to launch their collegiate career, ensuring persistence through graduation

Transfer Orientation

All new transfer students are required to participate in orientation while former students returning to USFSM are encouraged to participate. Orientation at USFSM provides an introduction to USFSM and the USF System and facilitates the smooth transition of students into the academic and social environments of the university. In addition, overviews and requirements for college degree programs, general USF System policies and services, and student activities and campus life are reviewed. Academic advising and registration for classes are part of the orientation process.  Transfer students should bring an unofficial or student copy of their transcript(s) at the time of orientation.